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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Brandon Lang's 300 Dimer



Virginia Tech


Lasalle Syracuse Portland Trailblazers

300 DIME

New Orleans Saints

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dommylocks NBA TOY 1/17/07

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Wow GS has 6 healthy players tonight....They had to add 2 from a practice squad to advoid a forefit.

GS team total u97.5

CBB Top play 1/17/07

This won't be a PregameConsensus play only becase the great Brandon Lang is on this, and I don't post Consensus plays with Lang ont he same side =X But this play is sure a favorite at the forum. Be sure to check this game out. Sorry it's a little late but you can still get on it.

Clemson +4

Brandon Lang & Wayne Root


30 DIME Clemson
5 DIME Seton Hall; Minnesota Gophers; LA Lakers

Wayne Allyn FRoot
Chairman Houston Rockets
Millionaire Ga Bulldogs
Money Maker Villanova
No Limit Clemson

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

17 Straight Winners.....

That's right you heard it here! Mr. Bonds has put together a great team that has already hit 17 straight winners. With a record of 20-5-1 Isn't that just incredible. Not only that, Mr. Bonds it's trying to get some experts on his team. If you guys think you're good sign up with Pregame and show e'm your stuff, and you might be added to the Team. Check out below, just a little taste of what they're picking today. And what it looks like at the forum. Below is a post copied from the forum by Jeff Bonds.

17 Straight Winning Selections - Simply Incredible

I'd like to thank all the cappers for taking to this concept and I absolutely chose the right team. Just remember cappers to stay within your conference or region because that was the main purpose of this thread - Cap games like an expert in your area

Forum members: Let them know that you appreciate their efforts by posting in the thread - Every one of them deserves a thank you for their hard work and dedication to the forums!

Team Pregame CBB RECORD: 20-5-1

Jeff Bonds: BIG SKY, PAC-10; BYU -5.5 FIRST HALF
Bookie Spanker: WEST COAST
Dommylocks: A-10
Esams: SEC
Hizz Honor: SWINGMAN
Jason Richardson: C-USA; UAB +14
Jughead: SEC; KENTUCKY -7
Mark Greene: MAC
NBA Powerplays: M. VALLEY
Redneck: BIG 10
Soonerfan: OV, HORIZON, BIG 12

Smackdown Finals

Here we go it's the final two. Steelers Bed Sheets VS. deliveryman2. If you guys have been keeping up with 321's Smackdown Contests. You should already know that deliveryman2 has been in all of the finals and is at it again. I will post their picks at the pregame smackdown contest link. So be sure to check it out. It's going to be a long hard fight.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

JEDI Goes 4-0 TODAY!

It's about time I hit a sweep. It was bad enough I took all the dogs. But they were barking like crazy to me. Last week I went 3-1 losing with Philadelphia. This week I took the points with Philly again, and went 4-0. Check out write-ups from the past NFL games at the Jedi Picks link. That puts my NFL playoff record to an astonishing 7-1. I've been struggling with my POD's all week and this just soothed it up a little bit. Check back again on Friday, for the NFL division championships.

Friday, January 12, 2007

ESPN Sports Guy's NFL Picks 1/13 - 1/14

RAVENS (-4) over Colts
One of my favorite heavyweight fights ever was Foreman-Frazier, and not just because of Cosell's famous "Down goes Fra-zah! Down goes Fra-zah!" call. It's a classic lesson in styles -- sometimes in boxing (and in football), you'll stumble across someone who matches up against you perfectly, and there's absolutely nothing you can do. The memorable thing wasn't that Foreman knocked down Frazier six times but that the same result would have happened if they fought two months later. He was just too big and too strong for Smokin' Joe, and that was that.

I see this Ravens game going the same way -- the Colts are a finesse/speed team on both sides of the ball, whereas this nasty Baltimore team was built for January. The Ravens probably watched the tape of Manning's happy feet last weekend and thought to themselves gleefully, "We're going to pound the living crap out of him, and he'll be throwing it up for grabs by the third quarter." Offensively, they can run the ball a little (just enough to keep you honest) and always seem to get 2-3 fortunate plays -- a long pass where a D-back falls down, a deflected pass that lands in the right hands, a timely pass interference penalty -- and that's not a knock, because luck plays a huge role every January (as we saw with the '02 Pats and the '06 Steelers). Maybe it took me a long time to come around on this team, but any naysayer has to admit that the Ravens are doing one thing (smashmouth football) better than any other team does anything else. That's usually how you end up with a Super Bowl trophy.
(Of course, if McNair gets hurt and Kyle Boller has to play this month ... forget we had this conversation.)
The Pick: Baltimore 20, Indy 10.

SAINTS (-5) over Eagles
I loved the Saints in this one even before Lito Sheppard got hurt. Blitzing Drew Brees is like trying to trap Nash and the Suns -- just a bad idea all the way around. So how can Philly possibly stop them with a tired, banged-up defense and just six days to prepare? You got me. That means the Eagles need to turn this game into a shootout ... which would be fine if they didn't have Jeff Garcia leading the offense in the deafening Superdome. I keep seeing McNabb staring out to the field with one of those "I'm bummed out we're getting crushed, but on the other hand, thank God I don't have to spend the spring and summer listening to local radio shows bitching that they should trade me" looks on his face.
The Pick: New Orleans 34, Philly 16

BEARS (-9 -105) over Seahawks
I know this flies in the face of my "No NFC team should be favored by more than three points over any other NFC team" proclamation last week. I just can't stomach the thought of backing a bad playoff team on the road. Alexander looks as though he's playing at 50 percent. Hasselbeck has turned into the new Jake Delhomme -- someone who's been stinking up the joint for a solid year and everyone refuses to admit it. The defense looks terrible, and so does the special-teams play. This isn't a team built to win a road game in January in crappy weather. Couldn't the Bears blow Seattle out without getting anything from their QBs? I say yes. Besides, I haven't seen anyone take Chicago this week. And you know what that means.
The Pick: Chicago 33, Seattle 8

Patriots (+5) over CHARGERS
I know how it looks on paper. I know the Pats have to play perfectly to win. I know they can't turn the ball over. I know they have to knock Tomlinson around like they did Marshall Faulk in Super Bowl XXXVI. I know they can't give up any long plays to Antonio Gates. I know they can't screw up on special teams. I know they have to run the ball, keep running the ball and keep San Diego off the field. I know that it's intimidating to face a San Diego defense with two known steroid guys on it -- after all, people who use steroids are prone to violent acts of rage.
But I also know these four things:
A. Two Januarys ago in this space, not only did I vow never to pick Marty Schottenheimer in another playoff game but I gave you permission to slice my Achilles tendons if it happened.
B. Marty's playoff record is 5-12; Philip Rivers' playoff record is 0-0.
C. The playoff record for Belichick and Brady as a team: 11-1.
D. Not only are the Pats getting five points but they're nearly 2-to-1 underdogs. If I took you to a boxing match where an 11-1 heavyweight was fighting a 5-12 heavyweight, then suggested "Let's wager on this -- you take the 5-12 heavyweight, I'll take the 11-1 guy, and you give me 2-to-1 odds," is there any way you would take that wager?
Didn't think so. Maybe the Patriots can't win in Baltimore (we'll get to that next week), but they can absolutely win in San Diego. And they will.
The Pick: New England 30, San Diego 27.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mr. Lang

(25 Dimes) Hofstra Pride
(5 Dimes) Washington State Cougars
(5 Dimes) Samford Bulldogs
(5 Dimes) Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

thanks VI for the Langs plays

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

J-Rich Game Of the Month 1/9/07